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Order a Classical Guitar case

Please complete and submit the form below.

To assist with transcribing the vital measurements of your instrument you can download and print the dimensions guide:

Classical Guitar dimensions Classical Guitar dimensions (8 KB)

We'd also like photographic images of your instrument taken from squarely above and squarely side-on (as in the dimensions guide). You can use this form to upload these images or email them to us separately.

Finally as variations occur in the exact shape of classical guitars, we'll require an outline of the body, traced on a suitably large piece of paper (eg butchers' paper) and mailed to us at:
13 Trestrail Ave, Roleystone, WA 6111, Australia

* Required

Vital Measurements (If you haven't already done so, see what the various measurements refer to on the instrument diagram on the right)
All measurements to be provided in millimeters (mm)

Upload image -- top view

Upload image -- side view

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classical guitar dimensions guide